Exploring Canada – Day 30: Montréal

montrealWelcome to the City of Festivals! Montréal is home to nearly 40 Festivals throughout the year.

The area around Mount Royal, the 3-peaked hill in the heart of the city, has been occupied for over 4,000 years. The Saint Lawrence Iroquois established the village of Hochelaga at the foot of Mount Royal in the 1400s. The French set up a fur trading post on the Island of Montreal in 1611, and the city of Ville-Marie (City of Mary) was established in 1641. The name Montréal, Mount Royal, appears in 1795, and the community officially became a city in 1832.

Montréal has had some pretty exciting things happen during its history:

  • The city was the capital of the Province of Canada from 1844 to 1849
  • The royal family of Luxembourg in exile made Montréal their home during World War II
  • Host to Expo ’67, the World’s Fair held in Canada’s 100th anniversary of Confederation
  • Host to the Summer Olympics in 1976
  • Home to 50 National Historic Sites – more than any other Canadian city!
  • Named a UNESCO City of Design in 2006 (one of only 3 in the world!)

Watch “Best of Montreal” to explore this great city!

Guiding is alive and well in Montréal! Read this letter from a local Guide Unit:

Meet the Monklands District Guides!

Juste pour rire (Just for Laughs)330px-Festival_Juste_pour_rire_de_Montréal,_Québec

Just for Laughs is a comedy festival held in Montréal each July. Founded in 1983, it is the largest international comedy festival in the world!

Visitors to the festival can listen to comedy, stand-up and improv, performances, watch acrobats and other live acts, or take in a short play or pantomime.

Activity #1 -Let Us Entertain You!

If you were an entertainer, what would you do? Try out one of these entertainment activities – or make up your own!

  • Telling Jokes – Try these from Ducksters
  • Circus Skills – Juggling, Balloon Animals
  • Dance – Choose a piece of music and make up your own!
  • Puppet Play – Make a puppet or two and put on a play. Try Puppet Crafts for Kids for ideas!
  • Mime – Visit Mime Act for Kids for ideas.
  • Writer – Are you an aspiring author, poet or journalist? Write a story, poem or article to share with others.
  • Visual Arts – Use your creativity to make a sculpture, painting, drawing, craft, piece of jewelry or anything else!

L’International des feux Loto-Québec (Montréal Fireworks Festival)montrealfireworks.jpg

The Montréal Fireworks Festival is the most prestigious and largest fireworks festival in the world. There are about 6,000 fireworks set off during each show! The competition begins in late June and ends in late July, with biweekly fireworks shows by teams from around the world. The 2017 winners were Jubilee Fireworks Ltd from England., followed by Féérie from France and Macedos Pirotecnia from Portugal.

Watch the 2017 Winning Display!


Activity #2 – Fireworks Art

Create your own artwork inspired by fireworks! Try this method or create your own – these designs could be used to make cards for special occasions.


  • Black Construction Paper or Cardstock
  • White Glue
  • Watercolour Paints
  • Table Salt
  • Pencil, Paintbrush


  1. Lay out your paper on a cookie sheet.
  2. Lightly draw your fireworks design with a pencil and then go over the design with glue.
  3. Sprinkle salt over the glue. Gently shake of any excess salt onto the tray and let dry.
  4. Use the paintbrush to apply paint to the salt. Be sure to use lots of water so you only have to touch the salt very gently to apply colours. Let the paint dry.
  5. Display your artwork!

(From: https://busymommymedia.com/firework-salt-painting/)


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